Family and community connections provide for a rich resource that can assist families, children and youth when they need help. Extended family and community members (kith) can be utilized to create a diverse and fulsome support network that would aid a family and/or child/young person(s) that may be facing challenges.

CFS GE believes in collaborating with family, extended family, Indigenous communities and Band Representatives, community members, cultural and spiritual communities, to assist families and young people wherever possible.

CFS GE’s Family Connections Workers search for family and community, to help build resources to support families and children/youth, so that they can grow and develop safely within their families or kith. When children/youth cannot be cared for by their parents or guardians, the next best placement is within their extended family and/or community network, paying particular attention to the child and family’s identity and culture.

Working with families, Family Connections Workers are able to:

  • Help build supports for families and children/youth
  • Assist in building/strengthening safety networks to support children/youth remaining with their family
  • Co-develop plans to promote the success within a family as they work to manage challenges
  • Explore options when children/youth cannot be cared for by their parents or guardians for placement
  • Seek connections for children/youth people
  • Work alongside Family Group Coordinator to support Family Group Conferences
  • Facilitate family meetings to enhance families’ understanding of CFS GE’s role, identify existing strengths that create safety, help collaboratively develop a plan to ensure the family is well supported