World Religions

A lack of religious literacy has led and continues to lead to an increase in discrimination based on religion. We are all human beings. We are also all unique individuals with different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and experiences.

Staying in our ‘bubbles’, assuming we already know or know enough, can lead to unnecessary fear. Labelling entire communities based on individual experiences and/or unique incidents promotes bias and causes harm.

It is much harder to hate someone when you know them. If we acknowledge and celebrate our differences while respecting our common humanity, there is hope of achieving a rich tapestry of life woven with peace, harmony and love.

To eliminate discrimination and embrace truly inclusive practices, we strive to set aside our assumptions and judgements, open our minds and hearts, and begin the process of ‘getting to know each other’ by listening and learning. There are many religious and spiritual identities around the world and in our own communities to be explored. If you would like to join us in increasing our religious literacy, please visit some of the resources below.