Jak’s Story, by Aaron Bell

Jak's Story by Aaron Bell

Join Aaron Bell, an Ojibway Storyteller from Brantford ON, for 5 storytelling sessions based on his book Jak’s Story. One session will be released each day May 4-8, 2020 on the BrantFACS Facebook page. This post will be updated with direct links to each session.

His story is about young Jak Lauren, a grade six student, who is having problems at home and at school. His sanctuary is the magical ravine behind his house where he goes when he feels hurt. There, Jak meets Grandfather Rock, who begins to introduce Jak to the story’s and teachings of the First Nations people. Through the ancestors’ teachings, Jak begins to realize how to deal with the problems of today. When a construction crew begins to cut down the trees in the ravine, Jak realizes he must do something to save the beings that have been in the ravine for thousands of years!

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If you would like an electronic or hardcopy of the book to follow along, copies can be purchased at:  https://www.dundurn.com/books/jaks-story